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Bond Cleaning Sydney

Bond cleaning, also commonly referred to as end of lease cleaning, exit cleaning, and handover cleaning to name a few! This extensive cleaning process is carried out by tenants before they move out. The primary aim of bond cleaning is to restore the property to its original condition, ensuring that it is spotlessly clean and devoid of damages that might have occurred during the tenancy period.

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Why Do You Need Bond Cleaning Services?


Whether you are moving out of your own property, or into a new property, or if you are leaving a rental or moving into a rental – after you move, you are required to clean your property to get your bond or security deposit back from the owner or real estate agent. This is why you need Cleaning Service Sydney, where we can help you to get your rental property cleaned from top to bottom!

Let us take the stress out of leaving or moving into a property and let us save you your valuable time and energy so you can concentrate on making sure your move goes smoothly. Our dedication, professionalism, and customer-driven approach are the three main pillars that established us as one of the most trusted bond cleaning companies in Sydney.

With the superior assistance of our highly-trained team members, we aim at giving you quality-driven outcomes with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. We arrange everything as per your convenience and work around your schedule to give you complete flexibility.

  • Importance of Bond Cleaning in Rental Agreements

Bond cleaning plays a pivotal role in rental agreements for a myriad of reasons:

  • Security Deposit: A significant portion of disputes between landlords and tenants revolves around the return of the security deposit. A well-executed bond cleaning minimizes the chances of disagreements and ensures that tenants receive their bond money back in full.
  • Maintaining Property Value: For landlords, regular bond cleaning helps in maintaining or even enhancing the property’s value. A well-maintained property attracts potential tenants faster and can command higher rents.
  • Setting Standards: Having a bond cleaning clause in rental agreements sets a standard of hygiene and maintenance that both parties, the landlord and tenant, are expected to adhere to. This mutual understanding often leads to a smoother transition when tenants move out.
  • Avoiding Disputes: A clear understanding of bond cleaning requirements and fulfilling them reduces the likelihood of conflicts at the end of the tenancy. When both parties have a clear checklist to follow, it sets a transparent benchmark for property conditions.

Difference between Bond Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

In the bustling rental landscape of Sydney, the terms ‘bond cleaning’ and ‘regular cleaning’ are often heard. While both are fundamental to maintaining a property, they serve distinct purposes and involve different processes. Understanding these differences is crucial for tenants, landlords, and even homeowners who aim to uphold their living spaces to the highest standards.

The Scope of Work

Bond Cleaning:

  • Bond cleaning is a comprehensive process that covers every inch of the rented property. This includes everything from cleaning the oven, behind appliances, and inside cupboards to steam cleaning carpets and washing windows.
  • It’s designed to return the property to its original condition, ensuring that there are no traces of the previous tenant. Every minor detail, like marks on the walls or grime in grout lines, is addressed.

Regular Cleaning:

  • Regular cleaning, often done weekly or fortnightly, addresses the usual day-to-day messes. This might include vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.
  • It’s more about maintenance and ensuring a hygienic living environment than restoring the property to a near-new state.

Intensity and Thoroughness

Bond Cleaning:

  • Bond cleaning is intense and meticulous. It delves into deep cleaning tasks that are not frequently tackled in regular cleaning. This includes cleaning light fixtures, ceiling fans, inside appliances, and even areas like garages or patios.
  • The aim is to leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every potential issue is addressed before the property is handed back to the landlord or the next tenant.

Regular Cleaning:

  • Regular cleaning is less intense, focusing more on surface cleaning. While it keeps the home tidy and hygienic, it doesn’t typically involve tackling accumulated grime or harder-to-reach areas.
  • It’s more about keeping the property in a continuously pleasant state, rather than an exhaustive overhaul.

Duration and Tools Used

Bond Cleaning:

  • Given its thorough nature, bond cleaning takes significantly longer. Depending on the property’s size, it could take anywhere from a full day to several days.
  • Specialized equipment and cleaning agents are often used. This might include steam cleaners, industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, and professional-grade cleaning solutions to address stubborn stains or accumulated dirt.

Regular Cleaning:

  • A regular cleaning session, depending on the home’s size and the tasks involved, might only take a few hours.
  • The tools and products used are typically those found in most households – standard vacuum cleaners, mops, and everyday cleaning agents.

In essence, while both bond cleaning and regular cleaning aim to maintain a property, they are distinct in their purpose, intensity, and approach. Bond cleaning is a rigorous, comprehensive process tailored for the end of tenancy transitions, ensuring a property is pristine for its next chapter. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, is about the consistent upkeep of a home, making sure it remains a comfortable and hygienic space for its inhabitants.

What do our Bond Back Cleaners do?

  • Windows inside and out
  • Window frames and tracks
  • Doors (internal and external)
  • Sticker removal
  • Wall spot checks and marks removed (where possible)
  • Skirting boards and cornices
  • Ceiling (depending on the situation)
  • Light Fittings
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Air-conditioner Filters
  • Light switches and power points
  • Bathrooms, vanities, showers, mold removal
  • Toilets (inside and out)
  • Venetian blinds
  • Entire kitchen, above the pantry and cupboards, oven, and microwave
  • All cupboards
  • Floors vacuumed and moped
  • Balconies/Decks to be swept/moped and cobwebs removed
  • Garage swept/cleaned
  • Door handles to be cleaned
  • All mirrors cleaned

How to book Bond Back Cleaners?

Go to our contact us page and provide us with your requirements. After we got your all requirements, we will send you a free quote and then approve the date to be cleaned.

Tips for moving out and getting bond back

Clean the property thoroughly as per our bond cleaning checklist before you move out or hire a professional bond cleaning company to do it for you.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • clean all cupboards (inside and out)
  • wash all countertops and surfaces
  • clean inside and outside of the oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and defrost freezer (if supplied)
  • clean cooktop, grill, and rangehood
  • clean sink and taps (including descaling)
  • clean windows, window sills/tracks, window, and door frames, and fly screens
  • sweep/vacuum and wash floors

Bathroom Cleaning

  • clean sink, toilet, and bath (including taps)
  • clean tiles
  • remove any mold from walls/tiles and ceiling
  • wash shower curtain/clean shower doors or enclosure
  • clean all surface areas, shower rails, and mirrors
  • sweep and wash all floors

Other Rooms

  • dust and wash all surfaces
  • dust and wash door and window frames and window sills/tracks
  • clean mirrors
  • dust fans
  • wipe outside of air conditioning units, clean filters
  • clean out any cupboards or wardrobes
  • dust and clean skirting boards
  • vacuum and wash floors

Outdoor Areas

  • mow grass, weed, and trim edges
  • clean out any leaves or debris in the pool (check for any special conditions in the tenancy agreement)
  • sweep external areas
  • empty and wash out bins
  • remove any oil stains on the driveway or in the garage
  • remove cobwebs


  • remove all rubbish from the property
  • get carpets cleaned and pest control conducted if specified in the agreement

Key Areas of Focus in Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning is all about attention to detail. While the overall property needs a thorough cleaning, there are specific areas that often require extra diligence due to their frequent use and susceptibility to dirt and grime. Recognizing these key areas can be pivotal for both tenants aiming to get their bond back and landlords ensuring their property is up to par for the next occupant.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen, being a hub of daily activities, can accumulate grease, stains, and grime.

  • Countertops and Cabinets: Every surface should be wiped down to remove any food residues, stains, or dust. Inside the cabinets should be cleaned, ensuring no crumbs or residues remain.
  • Appliances: Ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers require deep cleaning. This includes cleaning under and behind them, where dust and grime can easily accumulate.
  • Sinks and Taps: These should shine! Removing limescale, and food particles, and ensuring the drain is clear is crucial.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms can be challenging due to moisture leading to mold and soap scum build-up.

  • Tiles and Grout: Tiles should be free from mold, soap scum, and water spots. Grout, often overlooked, can accumulate mold and should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Fixtures: Taps, showerheads, and other fixtures should be polished and free from limescale or water stains.
  • Toilet and Sink: Beyond the obvious cleaning, ensure areas behind and around them are spotless.

Living Area and Bedroom Cleaning

Spaces, where people relax or sleep, can gather dust and need careful attention.

  • Carpets: If the property has carpets, they may require professional steam cleaning, especially if there are any stubborn stains or accumulated dirt.
  • Walls and Ceilings: Check for cobwebs, dust, and any marks or scuffs on the walls. Some might require a bit of touch-up paint.
  • Windows: Both inside and out, including sills and tracks, which can gather dust and insects.
  • Furniture (if provided): Ensure it’s clean, free from stains, and in good condition.

Outdoor and Garden Cleaning

Outdoor areas, while sometimes overlooked, form an integral part of many properties.

  • Gardening: If there’s a garden or lawn, it should be well-maintained. This includes mowing, weeding, and pruning any overgrown plants.
  • Patios and Decks: These should be swept, and any accumulated dirt or algae should be cleaned, especially in damp areas.
  • Garages and Sheds: These spaces should be cleared of any rubbish, cobwebs, and dust. Any oil stains or similar should be addressed.

Understanding these key areas in bond cleaning ensures a systematic and thorough approach, leaving no room for oversights. Whether it’s the grease in the kitchen, the grime in the bathroom, or the dust in the living room, knowing what to focus on is half the battle in achieving a pristine property ready for its next chapter.

How Much Does Bond Cleaning Cost?

Below are the prices for full bond cleaning and all bond cleaning Costs are based on industry averages.

  • Single room or Single Bathroom – From $120 to $220
  • Studio Apartment – From $220 and $320
  • 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom – From $250 and $350
  • 2 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms – From $320 to $420
  • 3 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms – From $400 and $500
  • 4 bedrooms with 1, 2, or 3 bathrooms – From $450 and $590
  • 5 plus bedroom apartment/house – From $620

How Long Does A Bond Clean Take?

As we have been doing bond cleaning for ages and it depends on the condition of your home as every customer has individual and unique requirements.

Our bond cleaning services vary on how the house owners have maintained their homes. Our basic move-in/move-out bond cleaning session includes some or most of all of the following based on the specific needs

  • Thorough cleaning of the home’s bathrooms including tub, shower, sinks, toilets, floors, mirrors, light fixtures, baseboards, inside and out of cabinets and closets.
  • Extensive cleaning of the kitchen area including the inside and outside of cabinets and cupboards, inside and outside of all appliances including ovens and refrigerators, and detailed cleaning of countertops, floors, and the kitchen sink.
  • Full cleaning of all other rooms includes vacuuming and dusting window sills and remaining carpeted areas, and washing of all floors and baseboards.

Hire Your Bond Cleaner Now!

Our bond cleaning consists of a comprehensive and competitive range of services. Unlike most companies, we include window cleaning as standard and are extremely flexible with the services included in our bond cleaning packages. We can add and remove services on request enabling us to better suit your needs and budget. For a written quote call or email us.

If you are looking for Bond Cleaning Services in Sydney phone or email Professional Cleaners, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Benefits of Bond Cleaning for Tenants

Bond cleaning isn’t just a mere formality for tenants to adhere to; it presents a series of distinct advantages. For tenants looking to wrap up their tenancy in Sydney smoothly, understanding these benefits can be the key to a hassle-free experience.

Ensuring the return of bond money

  • The most immediate concern for most tenants at the end of a lease is the return of their bond money.
  • By ensuring a thorough bond cleaning, tenants significantly increase the likelihood of getting their full deposit back.
  • This money can be a substantial amount, often required as a deposit for their next rental property.

Leaving a good impression

  • Beyond the monetary aspect, a thoroughly cleaned property reflects well on the tenant. It showcases responsibility, respect for the property, and consideration for the landlord and the next tenant.
  • This positive impression can be invaluable for future rental applications. Landlords and agencies often contact previous landlords for references, and leaving a property in excellent condition can lead to glowing recommendations.

Avoiding disputes with landlords

Conflicts at the end of tenancy, especially those concerning the state of the property, can be stressful and time-consuming. By ensuring that the property meets the bond cleaning standards, tenants can sidestep potential disagreements, making the moving-out process smoother.


Benefits for Landlords


For landlords, bond cleaning isn’t merely about ensuring their property is returned in good condition; it offers an array of advantages that can have long-term positive implications.

Property maintenance

Regular bond cleaning at the end of each tenancy ensures that the property is always maintained at a high standard. This not only preserves the property’s aesthetic appeal but also helps in identifying and rectifying minor issues before they escalate into significant problems.

Higher property valuation

A well-maintained property invariably commands a higher market value. Consistent bond cleaning ensures that the property remains in top-notch condition, potentially leading to higher rents and better returns on investment.

Faster tenant turnover

A property that looks clean, smells fresh, and is free from damage is more attractive to potential tenants. Landlords can expect faster tenant turnovers, minimizing the duration the property remains vacant. This consistency ensures a steady rental income and reduces potential financial losses.


  • How often is bond cleaning required?

Bond cleaning, also known as end of lease cleaning, is typically required at the end of a tenancy agreement. Unlike regular cleaning, which is done periodically during your stay (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), bond cleaning is a one-time, comprehensive clean-up before handing the property back to the landlord.

  • What if my landlord isn’t satisfied with the bond cleaning?

If the landlord isn’t satisfied with the cleaning, they might withhold a part or the entirety of the bond to cover the cost of additional cleaning or repairs. However, this should be detailed in the rental agreement or bond conditions. It’s always advisable to take photos after the bond cleaning as evidence of the property’s condition.

  • Are there any guarantees associated with bond cleaning services in Sydney?

Many professional bond cleaning services in Sydney offer a bond return guarantee. This means that if the landlord isn’t satisfied with the cleaning, the service provider will redo the cleaning at no additional cost. However, it’s essential to check this with the chosen cleaning service beforehand and get any guarantees in writing.

  • How long does a standard bond cleaning take?

The duration of bond cleaning can vary based on the property’s size and condition. Typically, for a standard two-bedroom apartment, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Larger properties, like family homes, can take a full day or even multiple days. It’s always best to consult with a cleaning service for an accurate estimate.

  • Can I conduct bond cleaning myself or is professional help mandatory?

While tenants can opt to do bond cleaning themselves, hiring professionals can ensure the cleaning meets the standards required by the landlord or the rental agency. If choosing to clean themselves, tenants should be thorough, refer to any bond cleaning checklists provided in the lease agreement, and ensure they have the necessary equipment and products for the task.

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