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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Sydney

The most professional Kitchen Cleaning Sydney, We offer Sydney the most reliable, flexible and affordable commercial Kitchen Cleaning for your workplace. Choose a package from our Kitchen Cleaning range, or engage us for regular full kitchen cleaning only – the choice is yours. Local Cleaners are here to take care of your kitchen so that you can focus on being productive in your business. We offer a Hotel, Motel, Cafe, Restaurant, & Pub commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Sydney at affordable prices.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

When you initially contact us, we will openly discuss what your needs are and convert this to a plan of action. We are primed to tackle the most stubborn of messes, always finding one of our services to suit. Our industrial cleaning services offered range from a full top to bottom kitchen deep clean to industrial appliance maintenance cleaning.


  • Extraction Duct Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Vent and Grill Cleaning
  • Extraction Fan Cleaning
  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Jet vent Cleaning
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement
  • Access Panel Installation

We also clean

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Restaurant Hood Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning Commercial Kitchens
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Commercial Grease Filters Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services
  • Grease Duct Cleaning
  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Vent Hood Cleaning
  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
  • Roof Protection Systems
  • Back Docks and Drive-Thru Cleaning

Each customer receives the same outstanding Kitchen Cleaning Service:

  • Our fully trained technicians leave your kitchen sparkling clean from top to bottom and ready to go. We never leave a mess
  • Date stamped before and after pictures of each job are available upon request.
  • An After Service Report keeps you up to date on the status of the canopies and extraction system and suggests needed repairs.
  • Our teams will work around your business trading hours. We can carry out our work overnight, at weekends, just about any time of day, year-round.
  • Service Guarantee: Your business and satisfaction are important to us.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Sydney Local Cleaners have trained technicians who will provide deep cleaning and certification of ventilation, exhaust, and exhaust systems in commercial kitchens.

You know; Does 70% of commercial kitchen fires originate from poor ventilation due to grease and grease build-up?

Insurance, health and safety companies, and environmental agencies now also require evidence that good hygiene and safety standards are followed.

Our existing clients include Fish & Chip stores, Take Away stores, restaurants, pubs, schools, and colleges.

Our teams will work around your business hours. We can carry out our work at night, on weekends, almost at any time of the day, throughout the year.

Act now before it is too late!

Our kitchen cleaning service is extensive and can include the following areas: Stove and stovetops, Cupboards, Thorough inside and out oven cleaning services, Benchtops and countertops, Sinks, Light switches, Splashbacks, Cabinets, and drawers.

The exhaust gases created by the cooking processes leave a greasy residue inside the ducts. The heat removed by the exhaust system heats this residue, increasing its ignition capacity. The three elements necessary for a fire are air, fuel, and heat. These three factors are present in the exhaust system waiting to be pushed to the flashpoint. A simple sprout while cooking is all you can take. You can put out the fire in the saucepan, but the burst may have ignited the grease in the ducts, this is not so easy to extinguish as the ducts generally disappear into the roof cavity.

Residue in the exhaust ducts can also be a food source for vermin, which enters the ducts when they are not operational. A health problem in any case.

Losses can possibly lead your business into a downward financial spiral, so act now!

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