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Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Services Prices before You hire!


In Australia, how much do house cleaners charge per hour? How much do cleaners earn by working in the cleaning industry? What is the price of end-of-lease cleaning? Find out about the hourly home cleaning prices and cleaners rates in Australia.


A Cleaner earns an average rate of AU $24.54 per hour. Experience does not affect the rate of this job. The average person in this position has less than 30 years of experience. Nevertheless, the cost of house cleaning is different from that of other cleaning services, as normally an hourly charge for cleaning service will be $35 or more.


The hourly rate for house cleaning in Australia also depends on several factors: the location, experience, services provided by the cleaners or cleaning company and also whether you are an independent contractor or work for another cleaning company.


In general, most people aren’t interested in cleaning. In most cases, the upkeep of domestic cleaning rates and an exquisite pre-cleaning does not seem like something most people try to do. Cleaning and maintaining a beautiful home takes a lot of time and is kind of a tedious task.


In order to make it less boring, easy, and long, we can do one thing. Making sure that you choose the best and most effective cleaning product that will minimize the time you spend cleaning and leave behind a sparkling clean surface.


We have something that might be helpful to you if you’re planning to begin your career as a cleaner or start your own cleaning business.

How to start a cleaning business in Australia?



There is no product that will work equally well on all surfaces. Because of this, a wide variety of cleaning products can be found in stores. People hire professionals to clean their houses, and domestic cleaning rates are far cheaper than buying cleaning products and spending hours and hours cleaning.

How much do house cleaners charge per hour?


A house cleaning company will charge you $30-$50 an hour depending on how experienced and professional they are. Buying a cleaning product or hiring a cleaner: which is better? Some cleaning companies charge $30-$60 per hour for home cleaning, but there are some individual cleaners who charge $20-$30 an hour. People who offer cheap services, however, do not have insurance or a registered cleaning company and can scam you by taking an advance and failing to show up. Is it better to spend time with family and friends or spend your time off cleaning? Below you’ll find information about the prices of house cleaning.


Australia is more likely to have similar rates for house cleaning. At the same time, Sydney cleaning services price list is affordable, but Sydney cleaners can do more professional cleaning than you can. If you see your home clean when you come home from work, won’t it make you happy rather than thinking “I have to clean my mess again”?


What is the actual cost of Domestic house cleaning services?


An overview of the costs. The typical hourly rate for a house cleaning service is between $30-$40 per hour. Tasks like vacuuming, tidying, cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and dusting can be included in these projects. It will take you between two and three hours to clean a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.
For commercial cleaning, the rate per hour of a professional cleaner can go up to $50. Cleaners can earn as much as 80k per year working full time. But the average rate for domestic cleaning is $30 an hour.

Cleaning Products Review

Special reasonably downside in touch in mind once talking concerning metal surfaces, is damaged, or the chemical reaction of the metal. Metal cleaning product return as pastes, thick or clear liquids which will contain abrasive. They conjointly contain completely different styles of acids – sulphuric, acid or oxalic, since the metal is best cleaned with associate degree acidic medium.


Sydney Cleaners designed for tubs, tiles, and sinks square measure created not just for removing the soil and dirt on roomer toilet surfaces, however conjointly for handling water deposits, rust, and any discolorations caused by mould growth. They typically liquids and are available as aerosols or in bottles with trigger sprays. Specific solvents square measure usually added so as to dissolve atomic number 20 deposits and soap scum. These cleaners may also contain oxidants, antimicrobial agents and basic ingredients.


Floorcare products ordinarily are available in the shape of liquid or paste. Differing types of floors – stone, wood, vinyl, asphalt, need otherwise developed products. The goal is to get rid of any soil and dirt and leave the surface polished and with a protecting coat. Many will contain particles of wax dissolved in water that may leave a shiny, clear protecting layer.


Furniture cleaners and polishes return as aerosols and square measure speculated to take away all the dirt, in addition to leaving a protecting layer on the wood. What’s liable for the shine of the wood, square measure silicone polymer fluids and small crystalline wax?


Many these days merely contact a number of the house cleaning company like Sydney local Cleaners, however just in case you’re doing it yourself, it’s smart in touch in mind that mistreatment the correct product for the correct surface won’t solely minimize the time spent cleaning, however, will defend the surfaces.


What is the cost of End of Lease Cleaning Services?


The cost of end of lease cleaning services varies with the size of the house and the requirements of our clients, which are you. Prices for end of lease cleaning in Sydney vary depending on the size of the property.
We charge $250 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, which includes up to 6 hours of labour. For a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house, the cost is $350, which includes up to 8-10 hours of labour. We will provide you with free quotes after you send us a brief description of your job. Check out our End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for more information.


Our end of lease cleaning services can be trusted to meet your requirements whether you’re moving out, living in rented accommodation, using an Estate Agent or Landlord, or selling your home or office.


In Sydney, there is no other End of Lease Cleaning service like ours. For many years, we have been doing End of Lease Cleaning for Estate Agents, Landlords, and Tenants. We have dedicated mobile teams that are always on the go to deliver the best value for money.


Hourly rates for Domestic cleaners, Bond Cleaners, and Commercial Cleaning




  • Domestic Cleaners: In Australia, the average hourly rate for domestic cleaners ranges between $30 and $40. Our reliable, local domestic cleaners in Sydney are ready to clean your houses for an above-average price! Get a hand with cleaning your house by hiring a professional cleaner. Now with us you can get a free 5th regular cleaning service in Sydney when you book 4 regular cleanings. The offer is only available for a limited time, so book now.
  • Bond Cleaners / End of lease Cleaners – The average hourly rates for professional Bond cleaners and end of lease cleaners in Australia is anywhere between $35-$50 an hour. We have trusted, local bond cleaners in the Sydney area, Who are ready to clean your empty house at above-average prices! Professional end of lease cleaning services to give you a hand around the house, as moving itself its a stressful thing. Book now
  • Commercial Cleaners – The average commercial cleaning rates per hour Australia for professional Commercial cleaners and industrial cleaners in Australia is anywhere between $40-$60 an hour. We have trusted, local commercial cleaners in Sydney area, Who are ready to clean your office, factory or workplace at above-average prices! Professional commercial cleaning services to give you a hand around your workplace. Book Now

What is the going rate for house cleaning?

As you know, there are only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and sometimes you just don’t have time to clean. With this in mind, many people seek the help of household cleaners to help them with their cleaning tasks. If you are considering hiring a house cleaning service and want to get an excellent rate, you should do your market research beforehand. When you know the house cleaning rates in your area, you will not be charged more than you should.


Here are some tips to get an excellent rate for home cleaning with an excellent provider:

  1. Know in advance what services you will need. For example, are you looking for daily or weekly cleaning services or do you prefer monthly cleaning? Are there certain tasks that you will complete yourself? Note: If you choose weekly services, you can negotiate a lower rate, as it will give the house cleaner a stable job.
  2. Understand the market House cleaning fees are charged based on the number of hours worked, the number of rooms cleaned and the square footage of your home. In addition, household cleaners charge a fixed or hourly rate. Usually, a fixed rate that I preferred.
  3. Understand what you get for the amount paid. That is, your household cleaning rate should be based on the quality of the work done. For example, can you contact your provider? Will they pay their own taxes? Are they insured and insured, etc.? Note: No two houses (or cleaning styles) are the same, so the rates will always be different.
  4. Check discounts. Consider a budget and don’t be afraid to request a discount. After all, you never know unless you ask. If they refuse, you can find someone else to help you or go with the highest rate.

In conclusion, you can get an excellent cleaning fee if you understand your needs, conduct a market investigation, know the service offers and request a discount. By doing this, you will find an excellent rate and a wonderful provider that you can use for a long time.

What is the rate for Window Cleaning?


  • Residential Window Cleaning Rates

$10 per window pane​​ which includes inside and out.




  • Commercial Window Cleaning Rates

Price Per Quote


  • Post-Construction Window Cleaning

​​Price Per Quote



Window Cleaning Prices Guide


As a guide, window cleaning costs generally works out at:

  • around $10.00 per side per average window pane, or
  • for an average 3 bedroom house around $150 for the outside only

You can save money and minimize your window cleaning outlay by helping us by:

  • removing your own window screens before cleaning
  • moving obstructions
  • drawing curtains
  • clearing window sills etc.


How much do you tip a house cleaning service?


After cleaning services prices in Australia now its time to check out about tipping cleaners. Cleaning rates per hour plus $10 to $20 per cleaning is a good ballpark range for tipping the cleaners if you find they have to change the structure of your house in terms of cleaning services.


If you have a home cleaner year-round, it is probably not necessary to tip each time. Instead, you can give a cash bonus or gift at the end of the year or some sort of occasions like Christmas and New Year. This is a nice way to show your appreciation and make the house cleaner feel good about his or her service. Cleaner rates per hour are average then other professional and no one gets poor giving love and respect.


Which Cleaning Products and Why?


All-purpose cleaners, like abrasive ones, are used for removing larger and additional persistent stains. The ingredients used for abrasive cleaners square measure typically metal particles, copper or nylon embedded in an exceeding matrix of plastic. However, although this sort of product is incredibly effective, it’s speculated to be handled with care. They can, when intensive use, take away the glaze or the coating of bound surfaces. The degree of abrasiveness differs between products, thus it might be good to invariably check the directions before mistreatment it.


Different reasonably all-surface cleaner’s square measure those used for medical care. A number of the active substances in these square measure quaternary ammonia compounds or disinfectant.


Some general-purpose cleaners are available powder type, and might typically be found in most households. Particles of spar, feldspar, quartz, and silicon oxide square measure those that permit them to be as economical as they are. The liquid kind of this product is formed by admixture solid abrasive particles with a precise liquid matrix.


When it involves a glass cleaning product, what’s necessary is that they leave no trace of cleaning, and take away all of the soil. Varied surfactants and solvents are mixed with water and are terribly effective in loosening soil and dissolving oil. They’re offered in aerosol containers, and generally in bottles with trigger sprays that help in applying the merchandise equally across the surface.


Make an all-purpose Cleaning Spray


Our Professional bond cleaners recipe that will make nearly every surface gleam (especially kitchen counters, appliances, and inside the refrigerator).


What you need: baking soda, reusable spray bottle, sponge.
Combine 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1-quart warm water, and use it with a sponge to wipe messes away.



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Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Services Prices before You hire!   In Australia, how much do house cleaners charge per hour? How much do cleaners earn by working in the cleaning industry? What is the price of end-of-lease cleaning? Find out about the hourly home cleaning prices and cleaners rates in Australia.  

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