8 Easy Steps on how to start a cleaning business in Australia

Starting a cleaning business is something that can be done with low investment and all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit, and some basic equipment and a car/van to drive to work. With the correct designing and techniques, beginning a cleaning business will be a reasonable way to become a business owner in Australia.


Our Cleaning Expert Mr. Prakash Humagain says, Starting a cleaning business is often an extremely money-making business in Australia. There’ll continuously be homes that require cleaning, and it’s employment

individuals are wanting to handoff. Over the course of several years, he doubles his cleaning business’ hourly rate from $26 per hour to $52 per hour! Even higher news: your direct investment is often next to nothing, particularly if you’re willing to try and do tons of the work yourself.


You’ll have to be compelled to follow the laws in your space to wrongfully observe business. At the terribly least, this sometimes suggests that you’ll need to register your business. Whereas not forever wrongfully needed, you will need to explore business insurance. And, of course, you’ll have to be compelled to get essential cleaning provides. The professional cleaners, rags, bags, and scrub brushes are the sole approach you’ll be able to get the task done!

Now, let’s specialize in the items you’ll be able to do to start out your cleaning business that doesn’t need thousands of dollars of cash.

8 Easy Steps on how to start a cleaning business in Australia

1. Company Name, Logo, and register through ASIC.

2. Design and wear your business uniform all the time.

3. Make company Website, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter, and all other Social Media Account and start advertising your services.

4. Insurance, Public Liability, and Workers Compensation according to the business model

5. Choose and target the Right customer.

6. Set Hourly Rate or Square Foot Rate or Flat Rate.

7. Do the Cleaning Yourself and make the client happy and also get as many as Testimonials from the client to improve your recommendation better for the next customer.

8. Establish Your Brand

Getting your company values on paper can assist you communicate to your customers what they will expect from your business, and the way you’re completely different from the competition.

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Advantages of cleaning business

Now that you simply have a good plan for starting a cleaning business regarding the way to begin a cleaning business, we are able to summarise the most edges increased before the conclusion:

  • The revenue potential is higher because of the lower investment.
  • Flexibility to work on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • No ought to maintain workplace infrastructure, you’ll be able to additionally operate from home.
  • The big selection of service decisions on the market.
  • Satisfied customers would bring you additional business through word of mouth promotion.
  • Quality consciousness and a strict vigil would guarantee continuity of business.
  • Profit margins would never decrease as a result of provisions of minimum wages.
  • Embark on the business currently and knowledge exponential growth inside a brief time with the right strategies!


Services you can add in your cleaning business

After you have been cleaning homes for a while, you may decide to offer additional services to your cleaning company. There are so many services you can add:

  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • End of Lease Cleaning Services
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Regular House Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Unit Cleaning Services
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Move-In/Move Out Cleaning




Remember one amongst the foremost vital qualifications for a cleaning service is TRUST. A customer has got to understand they will trust you alone in their home. Once you acquire a number of cleaning positions raise the clients if you’ll use them for a reference. Most of the time they’re over willing to allow you to use them for a reference. this is often however you build your business and acquire new customers is through referrals. Be dependable.

Most clients can need to be established on associates weekly or each alternative week schedule on a similar day of the week. Attempt to continually keep this same schedule unless the consumer asks you to change to a different day. If you have got to cancel a cleaning date, check that you are trying to reschedule at the earliest attainable date to create up the cleaning.


How to start a commercial business?

Starting a commercial cleaning Sydney business is not that difficult, but better education equals a smoother start-up and better profits. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help get started.

What supplies are needed?

This depends on the type of cleaning. Basic supplies will include a supply cart stocked with rags, paper towels, cleaners, a mop and bucket, a broom, trash bags, and a vacuum. Specialty services can be offered that will require other equipment such as a pressure-washer, carpet shampooer, handyman tools, etc.

What are the hours?

The hours for a commercial cleaner normally start when the employees have gone home for the day and may include weekends as well. If janitorial services such as bathroom cleaning are provided, you may work during the day as well.

How do I choose a name?

The name that you choose should be simple and to the point. Since the business will be servicing other businesses and corporations, a cute name will undermine the professional image of the company.

How do I get licensed?

Check with local city business offices to get a local permit or license. In addition to a license, insurance and bonding will be required.

What is bonding?

Bonding protects the company from employee theft. For example, if an employee steals a laptop from a client, the company will be covered by the bond and the owner will not be held personally responsible.

How do I find customers?

Check with family, friends, or co-workers to get leads, take out an ad in the newspaper or an online website, distribute flyers and business cards, and call local companies. Do a few jobs for free to get your name out there and use those clients for references. Offer referral incentives to encourage clients to distribute your business cards.

How much should I charge?

It depends on several factors: how much profit is desired, what the average is in the area, what types of services are provided, and how many employees are involved, among others. Trial and error will be required to find just the right rate.

What forms and paperwork are needed?

You will need bid forms to submit to potential customers, proof of insurance, contracts, and invoices for completed work. Other optional paperwork includes cover letters, letters of reference, checklists, liability releases, satisfaction surveys, bad check notices, and breakage reports.

Should I charge tax?

Tax requirements will vary by state. If necessary, the taxes should be added to the client’s bill and then paid to the government on a quarterly. Normally in Australia when your turnover goes more than 72,000 in a year you should register in GST.

How do I do an estimate?

Walkthrough the building with the potential client and take note of the number and size of the rooms, type of flooring, number of stalls in the restrooms, anything that pertains to the job. Talk with the client so you know exactly what they are expecting. Provide a free, written bid to the client within 3 days.

Plan to set up a cleaning business

Cleanliness is a basic human need. It is demanded on a daily basis by homes and neighboring communities as well as by companies, facilities, and organizations of all types: the range of clients is wide. If we consider dedicating ourselves to this activity, it will be necessary to define previously what we want and we can clean up. Here you can read the keys to set up a cleaning business in Australia.

In this sector, it is possible to differentiate between three types of cleaning services. The first is that general cleanings are occasional or sporadic and are aimed at both private homes and companies, commercial premises, and other facilities. End-of-site cleanups, in-depth, or claims cleanup are also included here.

The second modality is specific sectoral cleaning. There are sectors of demand that require specific cleaning plans, with adequate materials, techniques, machinery, and personnel. These peculiarities mean that in maintenance cleaning there are also several specializations, in some cases quite complex: that of industrial buildings requires height cleaning; in health centers, hygiene procedures are very strict; in the agri-food and pharmaceutical sector, personnel must be adequately qualified; while the technical and industrial cleanliness of nuclear power plants are at the top of the specialization pyramid.

The third type is specialized in technical cleaning. The maintenance cleaning service does not cover certain elements that require specific periodic treatments, such as ceilings, upholstery, blinds, or air conditioning ducts, among others. In the same way, there are special circumstances that require specific interventions, such as the removal of chewing gum, graffiti, and graffiti, dressing and polishing of floors, derivatization, disinsection, environmental deodorization, ceramics, etc.


Although general cleaning can be a good way to start this activity, specialized technical services, and sector niches are a very good positioning opportunity to differentiate yourself from other companies in the sector. And they can generate significant demand if it is possible to create an attractive, useful, and differentiated offer in a traditional and mature sector.


According to the most recent INE data, the number of companies engaged in cleaning activities amounts to 31,938 (1,049 more than the previous year) and employment to 3,337,646 people. In 2020, total turnover amounted to $ 9.97 billion (1.8% more than in 202019). Although the sector is highly atomized (it is made up of 95% of micro-enterprises, from zero to ten workers), the turnover of the first 10 operators is around 20% of the total, and large companies (250 employees or more) generate 61% of turnover Large companies mainly provide services to public administrations, while micro-businesses are especially active in the household market.


The experts of this market highlight the following aspects as especially relevant to succeed in it:

People Management. They are the “soul” of the business and it is a particularly critical point in a sector characterized by a high rate of absenteeism, high turnover, and little attachment to the profession. Training, motivation, and the remuneration system are the tools to achieve employee satisfaction and guarantee their productivity. In addition to the cleaning staff, there can be no shortage of business, as well as organizational, profiles to achieve proper work planning.

Professionalism and dedication to service. This aspect is vital since cleaning services are provided regularly. Sandra Moreno, Manager of Limpiezas Castilla, puts it this way: “Would you leave the keys to your house to someone?”. The commitment to quality service and the generation of trust are the driving force of his company, which has been providing services since Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) since 1992. Its people management policy has been key in its longevity. “Many ladies (most of their staff are women) have been with us from the beginning. Feeling valued and managing to combine her personal life has been decisive ”, explains Sandra Moreno.

Modern machinery, techniques, treatments, and products. Being at the forefront in this area and even innovating, as well as good purchasing management, in quantity and quality, can represent considerable cost savings and increases in productivity.

Attention to regulations. It is necessary to know and strictly comply with current environmental, storage, and handling regulations for chemical products, as well as with personal subrogation regulations, in case a contract changes ownership.

Communication. Gaining notoriety is essential for any business, especially in the early stages. This involves time and resources, so you should have an adequate initial budget. It will be necessary to adjust a good mix of activities, both online (web, social media, SEO, SEM) and offline, such as media announcements, signage, and signage, business visits, public relations (press releases, sponsorship, networks,), etc.


The income statement records all income and expenses incurred during the year (not including VAT). The main expenses incurred by a cleaning services company are:

Personnel expenses: The sum of gross wages and social security paid by the company. It is the highest expense in this labor-intensive activity and must also be covered on time every month, so treasury control is especially important. The salary range stands at an average of $ 15,380 gross per year. In our case, we collect in this section the remuneration of a team of 4 cleaners, a specialized worker, and the employer.

General expenses: Supplies (electricity, water, telephone, gas, Internet connection, fuel), external services (leasing – local and rental of the van), professional services – in our case, the agency -, maintenance and repair costs, insurance, advertising).

Amortizations: They represent an unavoidable expense that includes the loss of value of the elements of the fixed assets. In our example, they add up to a total of $ 4,591 per year.

Financial expenses: Interest on loans or bank loans.

Subtracting from sales the cost of sales (or variable cost), which does not include labour and is associated with the consumption of goods necessary to perform each service (basically cleaning products), obtains a gross sales margin of 95.5%. A value close to 100% makes it necessary to sell the equivalent of the available expenses to reach the break-even point. As in the first year, only sales of $ 108,500 are achieved, losses of $ 43,392 are generated.

To start giving positive results while maintaining the same margins and expenses, sales should increase by 43%, although this will also increase operating costs. Likewise, it will be very important to guarantee a stable income derived from maintenance cleaning, since general and specialized companies report more irregular income.

The prices of the services vary according to the type, the expected costs, the types of clients, the prices of the competitors, and the possible differentiation aspects. In this sense, specialized technical cleaning allows higher prices and margins.

These are all the things you can implement before and after you start cleaning business in Australia. If you have any problem setting up a cleaning business then you can send an email and we will guide you step by step on how to start a cleaning business in Australia.


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8 Easy Steps on how to start a cleaning business in Australia

Starting a cleaning business is something that can be done with low investment and all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit, and some basic equipment and a car/van to drive to work. With the correct designing and techniques, beginning a cleaning business will be a reasonable way to become a business owner in Australia.   Our

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